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Moonstone Coffee

One of the most necessary elements in a successful coffee shop is a well trained barista. From learning how to prepare espressos to solid customer service, barista training is a vital part of any modern cafe. In this training course, I designed step-by-step instructional content to help prepare new baristas to work at a local …

Illustrator Word Art

Working in Adobe Illustrator makes creating word art for marketing, social media posts, and logos incredibly effective. The power of Adobe means that any and every element can be designed with precision. In Adobe Illustrator, the only limitation is your imagination. Holding Patterns Authoring Tools Adobe Illustrator

Casa Nieve Cooks

Casa Nieve Cooks, LLC is my passion project, creating delicious recipes for the home cook, teaching in-person cooking classes to groups and individuals, and pushing culinary arts to new levels. How did this all start? At the ripe old age of twelve, having grown tired of Saturday morning cartoons, I tuned in to PBS on …