My Design Journey


The Short Story

I create engaging e-learning experiences, creative copy, and brand identities.

Tools I work with:
• Articulate Storyline
• Articulate Rise 360
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Microsoft Office Suite
• Audacity
• Murf
• Figma
• Canva

I help businesses increase productivity, improve job performance, streamline workflow, attract new clients, and build revenue by consulting with clients to assess their needs, designing and develop e-learning solutions, writing and editing creative copy, and building brand identity. 

With over 15 years of experience in instruction and design, I am confident that once a problem can be identified, it can be solved. 

“A problem well put is half solved”

~John Dewey

The Whole Story

Over the last 15 plus years I’ve had the pleasure of working in content writing, copywriting, copyediting, brand design, education and e-learning, ranging from the classroom to the corporate world.

The Journey Begins

I received my bachelor’s degree in education at the University of North Texas, and began my career in education in 2006. I spent many years developing curriculum, designing e-learning courses, creating content, and teaching English Language Arts to amazing and rambunctious middle schoolers.

During my time in public education, I grew a passion for e-learning, being an early adopter of digital learning content, interactive learning platforms, and learning management systems. I became “the tech guy” amongst colleagues, utilizing numerous educational tools and platforms to increase learner engagement, improve learner outcomes, and make learning…fun!

Emerging Paths...and Pandemics

As my love for emerging learning technologies grew, I advocated for blending in-person and online learning, hosting workshops and training colleagues to use new tools and best practices. I had been using LMS’s and multimedia tools for years and knew it would benefit others to be trained as well.

And then came the pandemic.

When the world shut down and toilet paper was cleared from shelves, it forced a turn for educators to embrace blended learning and e-learning, and I was glad to assist in the change. As soon as schools began reopening, I created frameworks and processes for my teams to create effective, consistent e-learning courses, trained colleagues in LMS’s, and designed dozens of courses for students. With a need for solid design practices, I grew my skills in graphic design to make the most out of e-learning experiences.

New Horizons

As my design skills grew in the educational world, so did my desire for branching outside of the classroom to create engaging content for the corporate world, using my design skills and expertise in a wider array of formats. I began working with companies to create educational materials, analyze workflows, design new branding & marketing, and build websites.

I have a passion for all things design—branding businesses, building websites, writing and editing copy, and creating effective e-learning solutions. I am a designer, writer, and educator-at-heart.

When I’m not designing content, I’m probably designing dishes and exploring my love of food through my culinary ventures, traveling, dancing with my friends, or finding a mountain to hike.